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Submit an Article to slxdeveloper.com

Sharing code with others is a great way to not only help others, but also to become a better programmer. With people downloading your code and reading your articles you will not only get a lot of positive feedback, but also bug fixes, free testing, and more often than not, suggestions on how to make the code even better. It also encourages others to share their code, which in turn gives you access to an even larger base of free source code, articles, & other tutorials.

If you post to slxdeveloper.com then you retain copyright of your article and code. You also give slxdeveloper.com permission to use it in a fair manner and also permit all developers to freely use the code in their own applications. Note that we do not accept time limited, shareware contributions or binary-only contributions. All code that is available from our site must be available for use for free. Please note, you must be a slxdeveloper.com member to submit an article.

Article Reviewing Process

All articles submitted to slxdeveloper.com go through a strict review & editing process. A Review Committee has been formed to review & edit all articles. Current review committee members are Ryan Farley - Customer FX, Mike Spragg - e1 Business, Richard Weck - Harris Technology, and Mike Bisek - Customer FX. Since we all want this site to be a meaningful & useful resource, the review process will ensure that all articles meet a level of standard that we will all benefit from. Not all articles will make it on to the site, but we'll do our best to provide feedback of what could be changed in order to improve the content whenever an article does not meet the slxdeveloper.com standards. Feel free to pass us any comments or questions you might have about this process.

Preparing Your Article

To submit your article, please provide all files zipped in a single file. The article itself can be in MS Word format, plain text, or whatever. Please include any supporting files, such as bundles or other source code that are needed for your article. Also include any screenshots needed for your article. Use the following checklist to make sure you have included all items.
  • Your article
  • Article title & description
  • Any applicable screen shots
  • Any applicable source code
  • Any applicable support files or applications
  • Your contact details
Other helpful items are:
  • How do I integrate it with my existing code or how do I use it?
  • If there is a similar article on slxdeveloper.com already? Is there an article that supports your article?
  • Are there any particular environments the code is restricted to? (Windows 2000 or above, .NET SP1 etc)
Package it all up in a single zip file and submit it using the form below, or you can send it to submit@slxdeveloper.com

 Article Submission Form  
Submission form coming soon! For now, please send any articles to submit@slxdeveloper.com


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