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Welcome to slxdeveloper.com - the best online resource for saleslogix developers  

The best online resource for SalesLogix developers.
Welcome to slxdeveloper.com!
The best online community for SalesLogix developers with 102 articles, 783 user comments, and 32271 forum posts - and growing!

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    slxdeveloper.com Announcements  

    Leveraging .NET in SalesLogix

    Now Available! Leveraging .NET in SalesLogix. Sample code, screencast demos and tutorials, and more from Ryan Farley's session at Sage Summit in Nashville, TN (Nov 2006)! Click here to take a look!

    Announcing the slxdeveloper.com Community Forums!

    Finally live! slxdeveloper.com is very proud to announce the slxdeveloper.com Community Forums! These forums will be a place where the slxdeveloper.com community can share ideas, ask for help or provide help to others, and a place where you can learn and enhance your SalesLogix development skills! You must be a slxdeveloper.com member to participate, so jump in today! As always, feedback is appreciated! New! Subscribe to the forums RSS feed

    Announcing the slxdeveloper.com Latest Article RSS Feed!

    New things are here. The latest article list is now available via the new slxdeveloper.com RSS feed! Use any RSS reader and receive updates when new articles are posted. Gotta love syndication! Get the link via any syndication link or any Subscribe to the slxdeveloper.com Latest Article RSS feed icon on the slxdeveloper.com site. Any feedback is appreciated!

    The slxdeveloper.com Newsletter is now live!

    That's right. The slxdeveloper.com newsletter is now live! Yeah, I know, you thought it was never coming (seeing as how many of you signed up for it over a year ago!) but that day is here. You can subscribe/unsubscribe in your profile. Any feedback is appreciated!

    Most Recent Articles  
    Generating Table IDs in T-SQL - Version 2
    In an earlier article I demonstrated how to generate SalesLogix IDs in SQL using the CLR. The method I described still does work but I have found a few issues with it since it has been in production. We'll take a look at these and how to solve them in this follow-up article.
    Category: SalesLogix OLE DB Provider
    Author: Jason Van Pee - 11/14/2011 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 1 users

    Generating Table IDs in T-SQL
    Generating SalesLogix IDs outside of SalesLogix can be a challenging concept. Third party applications go through the SalesLogix OLEDB provider and call the "slx_dbids" function to generate an ID for the specified table. The problem with this approach is that I don’t want to go through a third party application to insert records into my SalesLogix database. This article will look at how to generate SalesLogix table ID values using the .NET CLR in a SQL Function and call via T-SQL.
    Category: SalesLogix OLE DB Provider
    Author: Jason Van Pee - 4/22/2010 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 2 users

    Customizing Group Panes/List Views/F8 Queries
    We’ve talked about being able to ‘do stuff’ based on a user selection of the Groups, or the group itself.
    Category: SalesLogix VBScript Articles
    Author: RJ Samp - 10/15/2009 - Rated: 0.0/5 by 0 users

    Setting up a Multi-Byte Environment for SalesLogix
    Setting up a multi-byte environment for SalesLogix is a fairly simple process, but there are some items to take into consideration for a sound deployment on a global basis.
    Category: SalesLogix Administration
    Author: Matt Dockins - 2/29/2008 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

    Creating a Crystal Reports Custom Function Library
    You don't always have to massage your data with complex formulas to report on it. Complex calculations in a report can be difficult at times. Not only that, but can cause your report to run unbearably slow. Custom function libraries allow you to pull the complex calculations & functions out of the report and in to an environment where you can better control their output.
    Category: Miscellaneous SalesLogix Articles
    Author: Ryan Farley - 9/21/2007 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 2 users

    Integrating SalesLogix Leads with LinkedIn
    Social networks have become a big part of today's online landscape. This is true for professionals as well. LinkedIn is a social network that allows professionals to find out more and interact with others whose needs or services align with themselves. This article will show how we can integrate this resource with leads in SalesLogix to show our SalesLogix users as much information about our leads as possible and will provide a complete sample for integrating LinkedIn with SalesLogix leads.
    Category: SalesLogix VBScript Articles
    Author: Ryan Farley - 6/19/2007 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 5 users

    How to Filter a SalesLogix Crystal Report by ID at Runtime
    This article describes how to call provide a Crystal Reports parameter to a report at runtime via a script. This example details how to feed the current OpportunityID to a report when a button is clicked.
    Category: Architect How To Articles
    Author: Mark R. Bailey - 6/6/2007 - Rated: 4.7/5 by 9 users

    Dropping SalesLogix Tables
    Having recently done and upgrade from a rather old DB to v7.0.1, I've encountered a few tables that cannot be deleted from SalesLogix via DB manager. This sample shows the process to completely drop a SalesLogix table.
    Category: Code Samples
    Author: Todd Hardin - 6/1/2007 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 5 users


    About slxdeveloper.com  

    What is slxdeveloper.com?

    slxdeveloper.com is built & maintained by Ryan Farley and brought to you courtesy of Customer FX Corporation. It's purpose is to serve as a resource in order to help the entire SalesLogix developer community. When the community as a whole does better, we all benefit. Most development communities have online resources to share ideas, offer help to others in the community, and provide tutorials through articles by developers in the community.

    At slxdeveloper.com, you will find articles covering topics related to SalesLogix development. Most of the articles here will focus on the new technologies introduced in new versions of SalesLogix. You'll find articles covering cool new things available to you such as the OLE DB Provider and how to use it, using SalesLogix with ASP.NET, integrating Web Services with SalesLogix, building ActiveX controls for SalesLogix, using VBScript in SalesLogix, and many, many more topics ranging from beginning to advanced.

    Who is slxdeveloper.com for?

    slxdeveloper.com is for the developer, administrator, support tech, or other technical professionals working with SalesLogix. It doesn't matter if you're a Business Partner or if you work for a company who uses SalesLogix. This site is not for sales professionals, marketing folks, managers, or other SalesLogix users. Geek speak only allowed here.

    For the SalesLogix Customer

    This site is meant to provide a place where your knowledge can grow about SalesLogix. As an administrator, developer, support tech, or other professional for your company and working with SalesLogix, this site will give you a place to collaborate with others professionals so that you, and your company, can get the most out of SalesLogix. Participate as much as possible and become a part of the community today.

    For the SalesLogix Business Partner

    This site is for you to enhance what you already know about SalesLogix, keep you up to speed on how to use new things in SalesLogix development, and develop for SalesLogix using current and new technologies as well as provide a place for you to interact with the community and share your knowledge. This site is not meant to replace the Business Partner newsgroups, but to provide an even larger audience for you to collaborate and share SalesLogix development help.

    Technical Information About the Site

    This site was developed in C# using a custom portal framework developed by Ryan Farley. The site is all managed without ever touching a page or a line of HTML. Pages are built dynamically at runtime and cached based on configuration data stored in a database for each page. New pages are added to the site by simply adding a page record in a database, along with specifying the elements (Modules) that make up the page and defining the data it is linked to, via pregnancy custom web and windows applications used for site administration. UserControls (called Modules) that make up the page content are assigned to a page (and section within the page) in a manner similar to SharePoint, DotNetNuke, and other common portals. All custom Modules are complied assemblies that all inherit from the same base class to provide integration to the site framework and then wired up to their skin (a custom ascx file to provide the visual front end for the Module) at runtime when loaded on to pages.

    Articles are added to the site through a custom application which automagically formats the article text to maintain a standard look throughout the site as well as formats any contained source code samples to maintain color syntax highlighting.

    Everything used in the construction of this site is custom built. That goes for the forums as well as the applications used behind the scenes for site administration, adding and formatting articles, generating newsletters, article comment and forum notifications, and even for analysis of traffic and site statistics.

    Your Community

    Thanks for coming to slxdeveloper.com and finding your place in the SalesLogix developer community. Take your part in making slxdeveloper.com a great place and a community that we can all benefit from!

    The slxdeveloper.com forums are now live! Take a look at the forums today and help make the community great!

    Visit the forums!

    Do you use source control for your SalesLogix development?

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