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SalesLogix Administration  

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Setting up a Multi-Byte Environment for SalesLogix
Setting up a multi-byte environment for SalesLogix is a fairly simple process, but there are some items to take into consideration for a sound deployment on a global basis.
Author: Matt Dockins - 2/29/2008 - Rated: 4.5/5 by 22 users

How to Repair a Missing SendSLX Button using an AutoIt Script
After upgrading 500 clients from 6.2.4 to 6.2.6 most everyone lost their SendSLX button. i had to release a quick fix. I know Sage had provided a .bat fix that doesn't always do the trick so this is what i came up with. Users can repair it themselves by running the EXE from the network using the following AutoIt code compiled to exe.
Author: David Henry - 4/25/2007 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

Improving SalesLogix Performance
There are many good things that you can say about SalesLogix 6.2; unfortunately speed is not one of them. The good news is that SalesLogix is working on addressing these issues, but in the mean time there are a few things that you can do to improve your SalesLogix 6.2 experience.
Author: Ted Sturr - 7/19/2005 - Rated: 4.6/5 by 8 users

Configuring SalesLogix 6.2 for SQL2005 Standard Edition
Microsoft SQL 2005 Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available for download. This document investigates the installation of SQL2005 as an upgrade from SQL2000 SP4 and whether it is possible to make SalesLogix 6.2 work with it.
Author: Mike Spragg - 7/7/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

Configuring SalesLogix 6.2 For Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition
Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition is the replacement for MSDE 1.0/2.0 and receives a new, albeit much longer, name as Microsoft felt MSDE was confusing and misunderstood. In a nutshell – SQL2005 Express Edition will be “desktop” version of Microsoft SQL 2005 (“Yukon”) when it appears. This document investigates the installation of SQL2005 EE (see, shortened already!) and whether it is possible to make SalesLogix 6.2 work with it.
Author: Mike Spragg - 10/8/2004 - Rated: 4.8/5 by 4 users

SalesLogix Synchronization Report
This article provides a script that can be used to track synchronization activity. The purpose of the script is to analyse the OUTFILES directory and report on each user by date/time and size of outbound TEFs. Any user who has not synced within seven days is highlighted in red within the report.
Author: Mike Spragg - 2/10/2004 - Rated: 4.9/5 by 19 users


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