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IT Development, OAG Worldwide, Dunstable, UK

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Comment: Re: E1 User Audit
Whilst this is an excellent tool, I have one small problem. It seems some users (not all, and I can't see the pattern) have their date and month of last login stored the wrong way round. And I think it happens on the 11th and 12th of the month.

We have GB date settings, and today (12 Jun 2007) we have three users logged as 06 Dec 2007 and all the others as 12 Jun 2007.
Anyone else seen this?

I have looked at the code that fires at login and it just sets the date like this:

Login(5) = cstr(now)

And in the debugger that looks like this:

? login(5)
12/06/2007 11:34:21

But the Field is like this:

? oRS.Fields("Login5")
06/12/2007 11:34:21

In query analyzer the dates look like this:

FROM sysdba.E1_AUDIT

2007-12-06 10:32:06.000
2007-11-06 11:04:27.000
2007-12-06 09:56:53.000
2007-12-06 09:52:35.000

(4 row(s) affected)

Author: Stuart - 6/12/2007

Comment: Re: E1 User Audit
This is a great utility, thanks Mike.

Author: Stuart - 7/26/2006


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