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LaSalle National Leasing


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Comment: Re: E1 User Audit
Thanks Mike. I thought so #1 and #3, but I figured I would post so that when I received answer I would have "back up" for my supervisor.

As for #2, I understand that as well, I just thought there might be a setting on the user machine or the production that may have been able to give me a clue. I know the remote user is logging in as I am getting updated tef files every day, just not the audit info.

I'll keep digging, thanks!!!

Galanda A. Brooker

Author: Galanda A. Brooker - 6/8/2007

Comment: Re: E1 User Audit
I recently have put this utility in production and it works great.
However, I have a couple of questions.
1. The createuser and createdate are null for each record. Why is that?
2. I have a remote user and a remote office user whose audit information does not appear to have returned to production. I have no clue why and would like to know what I should look at to try and figure out why their info isn't being captured and/or why it isn't returning to production.
3. What does the modify date capture? I have some users with an audit record with information for login and logout with no modify user/date information.

Thanks for the assistance!

Author: Galanda A. Brooker - 6/7/2007


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