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Patricia Capuz
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Comment: Re: Integrated Logins with the SalesLogix 6.2 Provider

Very important Information.

I want to use this kind of authetication on external salelogix applications.

But a I have a question.  By this way I could get the SLX usercode and userid, but ...How do I get the saleslogix password?  for building valid connection string with slx username and password. I am testing in slx6.2.6

Thanks in advance,



Author: Patricia Capuz - 4/28/2011

Comment: Re: Configuring SalesLogix 6.2 For Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition

Hi. Good job.

I hope you can Help me.

I have a Problem creating remote databases.

I have installed Saleslogix Server on A Virtual Machine. I am working with Saleslogix 6.2.6.

I Installed SLX Administrator on the SalesLogix Server (Virtual Machine) too.

When I Connect to SLX Administrator in SalesLogix Server (Virtual Machine) and I Try to create remote user database the following error occurs:

[07/16/2008 13:36:12]Detaching remote db...
[07/16/2008 13:36:12]Detaching remote dB error: The database 'SLX_pcando'does
not exist. Use sp_helpdb to show avalible databases
Database creataion canceled.

But When I try to create remote user database, connecting directly SLX Administrator installed on a PC with Windows Xp, the database is created without any problem.

My problem is when I trying to create remote databases on Slx Server (Virtual Machine).

Anybody knows How to fix this Problem or Why this Problem Occurs??

Thanks in Advance,


Author: Patricia Capuz - 7/16/2008


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