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Christian Janelle
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Comment: Re: Introduction to .NET in SalesLogix Version 7
Ryan can you tell me if I can run your example with VB-NET Express 2005 or if I have to use the full version.


Author: Christian Janelle - 5/15/2006

Comment: Re: E1 User Audit
Mike, great program but the only drawback I find it’s when the user refresh the database with CTRL-F5 because this action fire the DB OPEN and DB CLOSE actions calling your LOGIN_DBOPEN script again and stamping a new login date.

Try to put a global variable “LOGIN” at the start of your program and a global variable “LOGOUT” on the DB CLOSE action but because the CTRL-F5 fire the DB CLOSE action at the same time, always a new login.

Maybe someone else have a better solution.

Author: Christian Janelle - 3/28/2006

Comment: Re: Dynamically Creating DataGrid Columns
Got It !! and it's working like a charm thank ;-)

Author: Christian Janelle - 3/27/2004

Comment: Re: Dynamically Creating DataGrid Columns
First I will like to thank you for all the precious help that you share with us.

Now about your creating dynamic grid code, I put it in my functions library and right now I call it with a function FillMyGrid(StrSQL) but I will like to supply my SQL query and the name of the grid in my call but right now I have a error it seem that it doesn’t like my GridName variable (FillMyGrid(StrSQL,StrMyGridName). Can you give me any suggestions?

Thank-you and have a nice day

Author: Christian Janelle - 3/26/2004


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