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Eckart Fischer
J. Schmalz GmbH

During the past two years I have introduced SLX in 14 of our international subsidiaries, including languages as Russian, Turkish and Japanese. Six installations also have an interface with the local ERP-System (ABAS in Europe and US, YAYOI in Japan).

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Comment: Re: Setting up a Multi-Byte Environment for SalesLogix
Great documentation! Very helpful for our SLX implementation in Japan!
One question: do you have any experience with a Japanese mld? We have one implemented, but SLX (6.2.6) adds not only shortcuts at the end of menu items (which is OK), but also right in the middle of the item (which doesn't look well because it's a latin letter within the Japanese phrase.

This is probably a Windows setting, but I don't have a clue where to change it. On the remote machines we have Japanese Windows XP installed.

Any comment would be appreciated.

Best regards from the Black Forest/Germany.

Author: Eckart Fischer - 2/19/2009


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