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Kevin Hoelzel
MediServe Information Systems, Inc.

I work for a software company as the SalesLogix CRM Administrator in the IT Department. I'm also one of our companies SQL DBA's for a MS SQL based product that we produce.

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Comment: Re: Using Classes in VBScript
Ryan, I'm having trouble with VBScript when attempting to convert what seems to be an easy function of the Legacy Basic script SLX_AcctDetail_TimeZone_WhenChange. This script is called from the Legacy Form Account:Detail when a user changes the timezone on the form. The local time is then calculated and posted to an edit box on this Detail form. I had a need to rebuild a new form in Active and can't seem to get the function to work in VBScript. What class would I use? I've tried Application.BasicFunctions.. but no luck at all. Can you help me out?

sub slx_Specific()
' subroutine
If Timezone = "" then
SetPropertyOf "de_LocalTime","Text", ""
SetPropertyOf "de_LocalTime","text",GMTToTimeZone(GMTNow,TimeZone)
end if

end sub

Author: Kevin Hoelzel - 6/18/2004

Comment: Re: SalesLogix Synchronization Report
Mike, I'd like to see if I can get this to work in an exchange environment since we don't use an SMTP mail system. Any suggestions? I tried using the Exchange server name but that didn't work. Excellent and simple code also. Great job!

Author: Kevin Hoelzel - 3/11/2004


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