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Eric Gronholz
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Demand Chain Systems


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Comment: Re: Understanding the SalesLogix OLE DB Connection String
I'm having some trouble when executing an insert statement against a remote database. I've written code that inserts Account and Contact data using the OLE DB Provider via a VB COM object. All is well when I run it against my server database, but I'm having issues when I attempt to run the same code against the remote database. I receive the error "Cannot start more transactions on this session" when the insert statement executes. Has anyone else run into this error?

Microsoft has a published KB article stating the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server does not allow nested transactions, but as far as I can tell, I'm not using nested transactions.

Author: Eric Gronholz - 7/29/2004

Comment: Re: Understanding the SalesLogix OLE DB Connection String
Thanks Ryan. I also learned that the Application.BasicFunctions.SystemInfoFor("DatabaseType") will give you similar information. I pass the value from this function to my COM object and I know which database I'm using.

A tech support person from SalesLogix also informed me that when inserting date values into SalesLogix, use the following format so you won't need to write separate sql statements for Oracle and SQL Server. Apparently all dates sent to the SLX OLEDB provider need to be in this ISO standard. My example uses VB code to format the current date:


I tried it and it works. Hopefully others will find it helpful too.


Author: Eric Gronholz - 3/17/2004

Comment: Re: Understanding the SalesLogix OLE DB Connection String
Is there a way using the Connection String to determine if the OLE DB connection is against an Oracle database vs. a SQL database? I've written a VB COM object that connects to the SLX database and inserts accounts and contacts. However, the insert statements are slightly different between the two databases - primarily the handling of date fields. Since I have network users hitting Oracle and remote users hitting the MSDE, I need a way to know which database they are using so I can apply the proper SQL statements.

Author: Eric Gronholz - 3/16/2004


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