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Christian B. Mortensen
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Developing and implementing slx all over the world

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 Christian B. Mortensen's Contributions
Christian B. Mortensen has contributed 6 comments and 0 articles.
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Comment: Re: Introduction to .NET in SalesLogix Version 7
wauuw, long waited functionality...
looking forward to v. 7 :)

thanks ryan!!!

Author: Christian B. Mortensen - 5/15/2006

Comment: Re: Detecting the Version of the Installed SalesLogix OLE DB Provider
How can I determine whether the user that login are logging in on a remote database or on the host, given that the user has the possibility to look in on both host and remote?

Author: Christian B. Mortensen - 10/17/2005

Comment: Re: SalesLogix Synchronization Report
can i use the sendmail component directly in saleslogix? and from there send my email?
I know there's an article on how to use the slx mail client, but we don't use that one.

any clues?


Author: Christian B. Mortensen - 8/8/2005

Comment: Re: Configuring SalesLogix 6.2 For Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition
Have any of you guys tríed to get this working on the sql server 2005 beta2?

i cant get it to add sysdba as owner of the db... any solutions?


Author: Christian B. Mortensen - 5/19/2005

Comment: Re: How To: Set Mouse Cursor in Legacy Views
How do you set the mouse cursor in 6.1?? Can't figure it out.

Author: Christian B. Mortensen - 3/16/2005

Comment: Re: Dynamically Creating DataGrid Columns
It seems to me that there is a upper boundary for the .sql.text.

im trying to parse a querystring with the length of 1600+ characters, and it seems to fail.

is this right???

Author: Christian B. Mortensen - 3/15/2005


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