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  Mike Boysen
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Blytheco, LLC


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Comment: Re: How to update Data with Updateable RecordSets

Author: Mike Boysen - 11/2/2005

Comment: Re: How to update Data with Updateable RecordSets

You should have done a survey for the worst insert statement. Your's actually looks pretty nice. I've run across a few nightmare scenarios worth of The Daily WTF.

Good article. I wish more people coded this way.

Author: Mike Boysen - 11/2/2005

Comment: Re: The SalesLogix CheckListBox Control
Uhhhh. There's a checklistbox control?

Author: Mike Boysen - 10/8/2005

Comment: Re: Integrating MindManager With SalesLogix
Oh my god. You did it all in Architect LOL. Great article. I'm checking this product out.


Author: Mike Boysen - 6/16/2005

Comment: Re: Consuming SalesLogix Data via RSS

I just got around to reading this article and it's really an awesome idea. As I'm about to embark on a project which involves providing data to customers (non-users), and the only option is seemingly the customer service portal (with lots of customization), I really need to take a long look at how I might pump information out to these people. Heck, I may rethink mail merged newsletters all together!!

Question: How can I ensure that a saavy consumer doesn't strip out an ID that I've embedded in their feed url? Gotta comply with HIPAA and all that...


Author: Mike Boysen - 9/9/2004


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