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Mike Bisek
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Customer FX

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Comment: Re: How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid
Have to have for the next step where I use views to fead my grid!

Author: Mike Bisek - 4/15/2004

Comment: Re: SalesLogix Sync Report

Thank you! This is the kind of innovation I like to see!

Mike Bisek

Author: Mike Bisek - 2/11/2004

Comment: Great Artical!
Simply put and well stated as usual Ryan! Way to go!

Author: Mike Bisek - 2/18/2003

Comment: Question to the Author ;-)
I see in your code your checking to see if the last two characters of the name are 'ID'. If this is true you hide the field. There are a lot of words out there that end in 'ID' is there a better way to do this. maby a nameing convention in the view names or other properties in the schema information?

Author: Mike Bisek - 12/11/2002


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